Skilled Nursing in Longmont, CO

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation in Longmont

Many people find they need some level of medical or rehabilitative care, just not the intense level of services traditionally provided by hospitals. In these situations, the staff at Accel is expertly trained to help you on your way back to maximum independence by providing your medical care, as well as meeting your social, emotional and recreational needs.

Standard Skilled Nursing Services:

24-hour clinical care

Licensed nursing care

Comprehensive wound care

Pulmonary management

Post surgical stabilization

Loving Mother & daughter in rehab in Longmont, CO

Intravenous/enteral/parenteral therapies

Physical, occupational & speech rehabilitation

Oxygen therapy

Medication administration/assistance

Social Services

Assistance with activities of daily living

IV therapy

Lab x-ray services

Emergency call systems

Hospice and respite care

Restorative nursing care

All skilled care at Accel is directed and managed by our professional staff, featuring nursing teams who specialize in geriatric, rehabilitative and restorative care. Throughout your stay, we also will work closely with your family to help you on your path to wellness.